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Earth- Cross stitch embroidery

Buy as an embroidery kit (embroidery hoop not included) or downloadable pattern (PDF)- or personalize the design in our Design editor.

Designer: The Folklore Company
Colors: 2
Difficulty: Simple

Product information


Our world is a beautiful place and it has sustained everything living on it for millions of years. Although our presence has done much damage to it, we still have a chance to change it. We don't want to see it ger more hurt than it already is.

Did you know the amount of water on Earth is constant, and continually recycled over time: some of the water you drink will have passed through a dinosaur? Isn't that amazing?

Please remind yourself and everyone you know about all the good things with our planet and how beautiful it really is. And different facts will affect different people so make sure your argument targets the person right in the heart. For example "Earth is the only planet with pizza"(what we know of) could make a pizza-enthusiast go bonkers if they realized there might be no more if we continue destroying our planet. 

So bring out your embroidery, pick out your perfect spot and do some cross stitching. Beacuse you'll never know when a good pizza-argument as a wall hanging will come in hand – probably always. 

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