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French roses- Cross stitch embroidery

Buy as an embroidery kit (embroidery hoop not included) or downloadable pattern (PDF)- or personalize the design in our Design editor.

Designer: The Folklore Company
Colors: 8
Difficulty: Medium

Product information

French roses

Let’s talk about eating and being sad at the same time; you can be sad before you eat a cookie and also afterwards, but it’s hard to be sad and eat a cookie at the same time. It’s like the cookie is made of love, and for every bite it hugs you from the inside and tells you everything will be ok.

A really nice combo is to eat cookies and embroider with your friends. So get you friends together, sit down in a cozy environment, take out your cross stitch embroidery and bring out the fika. Enjoy each others company, talk about everything between heaven and earth, and before you know it you have a nice wall hanging to decorate your beautiful home with.

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