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Nordic stars- Cross stitch embroidery

Buy as an embroidery kit (embroidery hoop not included) or downloadable pattern (PDF)- or personalize the design in our Design editor.

Designer: Modern Folk
Colors: 1
Technique: Cross-stitching

Product information

Nordic stars

As with many of Jacob de Graaf’s designs, this lovely pattern is inspired by Scandinavia. Jacob has based the design on the shape of the "Norwegian stars", has then developed the pattern to his own. Since the inspiration comes from all over Scandinavia, he has chosen to call this pattern "Nordic stars".

This tapestry pattern has a very high stitch density, but it is worth the effort - the result will be amazing!

I’m a Dutchman living in England, with a great love and interest for all things Swedish. Last year I had the privilege of visiting the Nordiska Museet in Stockholm, which has led me to design many patterns with a distinct Nordic feel. As I’m learning the language, I try and give a Swedish name to the most Nordic of my patterns - hence the name for this particular bonad pattern is ‘Nordiska stjärnor’. I took the quintessential Nordic star pattern, and remixed it into a playful border. Jag hoppas att du gillar det!- Modern Folk

For more information about embroidering cross stitches - read our embroidery guide.

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