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Embroidery kit - Majblomman (embroider on anything)

Join us in the fight against child poverty in Sweden!
Right now you can combine benefit with fun when buying the cross-stitch kit Majblomman.

This kit contains needle, thread, cloth and instructions for three different sizes of the flower.

Pattern sizes: 3x3cm, 4x4cm and 8x8cm.

This DIY cross stitch kit contains everything needed to cross stitch your own tote bag:

Note: Jeans are not included.

About Majblomman

Today 1 out of 10 children live in poverty right here, in Sweden. They often come from families with low-income standards or welfare. Often times the families can't afford to pay their electrical bills, phone bills, rent or fees for leisure services. As always, the children are the ones affected the most. Do you want to help and contribute?

Give any optional amount directly to Majblomman by using Swish (Swedish mobile payment system) or buy a Majblomman cross-stitch kit. All profit of the kits goes directly to Majblomman and the fight against child poverty in Sweden. 

Thank you for helping us to help.

Swish: 9019076

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