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9 wonderful Moomin embroidery kits

Embroidery kits for tote bags

Think outside the box and embroider your favorite motif on a tote bag instead! Tote bag kits that include everything you need to embroider. Curious about how it's done? Read our tote bag embroidery guide!

Practical and fun - embroidery on a tote bag

Tote bags are a great and environmentally friendly option to plastic shopping bags or even regular hand bags. They're even better when you embroider the motif yourself! The tote bags in these kits are made of 100% organic cotton. To embroider cross stitches on a regular fabric like this we also include water soluble canvas, a guiding "plastic" that enables you to make neat cross stitches even if it's not on regular embroidery fabric. The kits also include embroidery pattern, instructions, needle and thread.