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Cross stitch kit with aida – "Håll avstånd"

Aren't you tired of people who just cannot keep distance? You know, when you carefully planned your visit to the store to stock up your food supply for the upcoming month and you're wearing your mask, you're avoiding narrow aisles and suddenly, out of nowhere someone pops up and decides to stand 2 inches from you in the line to the cashier. Then this bag is the perfect manifestation of your thoughts. Keep distance, goddammit. And yes, this bag is relevant even after corona times. Everyone has their personal space, pandemic or not. 

This tote bag kit is the runner upper of our tote bag contest, held in February 2021. 

Pattern size: 18cm x 18 cm
Tote size: 38cm x 42 cm

This DIY cross stitch kit contains everything needed to cross stitch your own tote bag:

Read our guide for embroidery on tote bags here.

Pattern: The Folklore Company

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