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Cancer - Zodiac signs- Cross stitch embroidery

Buy as an embroidery kit (embroidery hoop not included) or downloadable pattern (PDF)- or personalize the design in our Design editor.

Designer: The Folklore Company
Colors: 2
Difficulty: Simple

Product information

Cancer - Zodiac signs

Cancer is ruled by the word motherliness. They care a lot for other people and often make sure it feels right when diving in to something new. Something you can hear them say is “how are you? and “I do care about..”.

It’s a really nice trait to care about other people, and a nice way of showing that is to give them a gift. Maybe you rarely give something nice to yourself, so why not gift yourself a cancer zodiac sign embroidery? Pour a cup of tea, take out your embroidery and pick out a nice cozy spot at home. Embroidering is addictive, in a good way! When you are in a flow it’s like meditating but with a wall hanging as a result.

If you are new to embroidering – cross stitch is the easiest way to start. You can choose pattern, font and color of the yarn in our design editor. If you have everything you need at home except the pattern – order the PDF. You can also order a DIY-kit with everything you need to get started or as a finished product.

Pro tip: Order as a "Soluble Canvas"-kit and purchase an additional totebag to give this design another look!

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