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This pattern of wings and hearts are inspired by the god of love from the Roman mythology; Cupid. Legend has it that whoever is struck by Cupid's love arrows, will fall in love with the first person he or she encounters. This has, of course, made Cupid to the symbol of love at first sight.

This pattern is suitable all year round, because love will spread 365 days a year and not just on February the 14th!

If you love this design, design your own personal pattern in The Folklore Factory. You have two versions of this cross stitch design to choose between, over 300 colors to play around with, the ability to get the pattern in just the size you want AND the option to get it as a sewing kit or as a finished machine embroidered piece!

Cross stitch

Choose whether you want a machine embroidered hanging or if you prefer to embroider it yourself. For more information about embroidering cross stitches - read our embroidery guide.

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