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How do I design my own cross stitch design?

Go to our design editor and follow the instructions in each tab. The tabs are located at the top left corner in the design tool, and they read PATTERNS/TEXT/COLOR/ORDER.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, we will happily help you with any part of the process.

What different formats can I get my pattern in?

You can choose to get your pattern as a PDF file or as a DIY-kit to embroider yourself with fabric/soluble canvas, yarn, needle and instructions. The PDF is immediately sent to your emailadress, and the kit within 1-2 working days.

The floss in my DIY cross stitch kit has run out. Can you send more?

If you have stitched according to the instructions that follows with your kit, we send more floss free of charge. The floss included in your kit is calculated to be enough to complete your art, but depending on technique and pattern there is a small risk of running out. Send us a mail at if you need more.

Can I buy a gift card?

Yes, you can! You can find all of our gift cards right here.

Is the pattern outlined on the Aida fabric?

No, it is not. In all of our kits you get instructions and a pattern that you follow.  By simply counting your way on the Aida fabric you will know where the stitches should be. You can read more in detail about how to embroider here.

How long does it take until I receive my order?

We pack and send orders within 1-2 working days. See more details of international shipping here

I am a beginner. How do I get started with embroidery?

It is not as hard as it seems. You can find a detailed embroidery guide with pictures and instructions here.

With our tools and instructions you can easily match your design to your skill level. Just choose designs with fewer colors if you are a beginner. Whether you choose to design your own pattern, or buy one of our pre-designed kits, instructions are included that will guide you on how to embroider cross stitches.

I regret my order, can I return it?

Kits created in our design editor can not be returned, as it is custom made by you and therefore a unique item.

If you want to return any accessories or pre designed kits, just send us an email at and we will take it from there.


Do I have to use an embroidery hoop to cross stitch?

No, you do not need one, but it can make the process of embroidery easier and give the fabric a little more stability while working.

What embroidery hoop fit my pattern?

Your pattern includes approx. 2,5 cm "framing allowance" on all sides, should you wish to frame your finished piece. So a pattern that says "19x19cm", fits perfectly well with a hoop or frame that is 19x19cm. 

Do I have to embroider on Aida fabric?

No, you do not.  By using a soluble canvas you can embroider on almost anything, for example a tote bag, clothing or why not on paper? The only limit is your imagination.

You can find soluble canvas here in our shop.

What kind of floss is included in my order?

We use DMC Mouliné cotton (“Stranded cotton”) because it’s available in a large variety of colors and shades, and its high quality. The floss is divided into 6 strands, making it easy for you to adjust the size of the stitches according to your preference. Our skeins can be bought separately in our online store.

Can I order ready-made embroideries?

No. We no longer offer ready-made embroideries. Read more here.

Are there different kinds of stitches and styles within embroidery?

At The Folklore Company we have a special love for cross stitches, but there is a huge variety of styles and techniques to embroider. If you want to learn more, you could take a look at this library of embroidery stitches.

I’m a textile teacher and I’m curious to know how your design tool could support my students in their learning. How can I get more information?

Our vision at The Folklore Company is to make handicrafts more accessible and get more people to discover the arts of embroidery. To inspire young people and student is an important part of this vision. To keep in line with new rules and guidelines regarding digital competence in school subjects, we have created a solution to support textile teachers in this journey. Send an email to to get more information.

What is the best way to display my embroidery? How do I construct  my embroidery?

There are a variety of ways to display your embroidery. The easiest ways is to put it in a poster hanging. You can also hem your embroidery with bias tape or a ribbon, or why not let it sit in an embroidery hoop on your wall? Read our guide on installation here.

All the tools you need for this can be found in our online store.

For more inspiration on different ways to install your embroidery you can visit our Instagram or our inspiration page here.

How do I wash and care for my embroidery?

It should be washed separately in cool water. A more thorough wash and care guide can be found here.

Are there any special advantages of signing up to your newsletter?

When you sign up for our newsletter, you get access to some discounts and offers before other people, meaning you will have the chance to claim them before they might run out.  Sometimes we have offers that are exclusively for members, such as free patterns. It’s free to sign up, so don’t miss out. You sign up here.