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It all started with a dream of decorating the walls of the studio apartment with folklore embroidery. A dream of incorporating something traditional with something modern; embroidery and pop culture. But when Sofia Magnusson coulnd't find what she was looking for, she deiced to create it herself. Even though Sofia neither had the technical skills nor the entrepreneurial experience, she managed to create a world uniqie femme tech company that challenges a whole industry. And the walls of the studio apartment, well, she finally managed to put some traditional yet modern embroideries on them!

“I grew up in the Hälsingland region, where handicrafts and embroidery is a huge part of the region's history. Every other living room wall was covered in embroidered wall-hangings. So, I thought, what better way to remind me of my roots than decorating my apartment wall with embroidery when I left Hälsingland for bigger city adventures? There was just one problem, it was almost impossible to find ways to combine the traditional craft with a modern text. I soon realized that there was a gap in the market that could be filled - and just like that, a seed for The Folklore Company was sown.”

Sofia Magnusson, founder and CEO


The Folklore Company is not only a company that values the traditional and folkoreish, it values modernity, humour and timelessness too.

“Amongst the customer orders we daily pack and dislodge you can see a lot of humorous and ironic quotes. Working for The Folklore Company is probably one of the most fun jobs you can have, because you laugh so much about the wit and humour in our customer's designs. Our customers are so darn smart and funny. They have completely got it, the whole idea of the company.”

The Folklore Company is well established in Sweden and has a lot of yearly returning customers. But now, Sofia turns her gaze to wider horizons. “We already have customers ordering from the US, from Australia and South Africa. Without us even trying to reach them! And that's just really cool. So, there's definitely more potential there! Just think; a couple of years ago I wanted to decorate my walls with a modern folklore embroidery, and now I started something that makes it possible for others to get that, too! People from all corners of the world - it's incredible, isn't it?”