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6 X-mas gift tips for the crafter

Forget about crosswords and jigsaw puzzles. This year you can give your crafty friend, family member, partner or colleague something truly personal, funny and appreciated. Here's the list of our six top Christmas gift tips for the crafter. Merry Christmas!

1. The most personal craft you can give - a customized kit

Do you and your friend, partner or family have an internal joke only you get? A life motto or favourite song? Put it on an embroidery! Design your own in our Design Editor - it doesn't get more personal!

Price from: 11,80 €

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2. Photo embroidery? It's a thing!

We bet your giftee has a furry friend on four legs or a fave memory from travels that he or she constantly talks about. Upload a photo of that thing in our Photo Editor and but as a PDF pattern for embroidery or as a complete set with floss, needle, thread, cloth and instructions.

Price from: 11,80 €

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3. The ultimate repair kit

We tend to call this small tin box for "the first aid kit for crafters" because it contains everything one might need; black thread bobbin, white thread bobbin, needles in a glass tube, pins, safety pins (varied x 3), shirt buttons, paper tape measure and monogrammed scissors.

Price: 19,40 €

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4. Our most popular embroidery kit

In 100 years, it is perhaps this particular embroidery we will see hanging on the walls of the summer cabins of Sweden. Because Katarina Wennstam's embroidery "Var inte ett as" has truly become a classic. A guaranteed success if your giftee is both crafty and Swedish! 

Price from: 34,00 €

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5. The gift box 2.0 - the tote bag kit

This über lovely kit includes everything your giftee will need when wanting to create his or her own, truly customized tote bag. The gift card that comes with is can be used to design and buy their own pattern in our Design Editor. 

Price: 38,90 kr

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6. The dream for all crafters - a box filled with beautiful haberdashery

Hand-made haberdashery from French brand Sajou (yes, they're made right outside the castle Versailles!) and Lojac. Including embroidery needles, scissors, measure tape in textile and roughy 120 dressmaker's needles.

Price from: 61,30 €

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