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Our privacy policy

General information

In order to give you the best experience whether it's on our site, through our newsletter or direct contact with you as a custormer via e-mail, social media or any type of communication, we store some necessary data about you.
With that said we do not save information that does not have a purpose and will not store it longer than necessary.

From the 25th of May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is enforced and this is how we follow it.

If you sign up for our newsletter we store your email-address via the Newsletter service Mailchimp. Mailchimp keep their physical servers in the USA and are by no means allowed to share your information. If you no longer wish to subscribe to our newsletter you can at any time unsubscribe (bottom link in every newsletter) or contact us if you need help at info@folklorecompany.com.

Specific communication
If you contact us through email or social media or any other way where your personal information is attached digitally (your name, email, phone number etc.) we will keep the correspondence history for as long as it's needed based on the specific case and then delete it.

Visitors at our site
If you are a visitor at our site and have not explicitly signed up for our newsletter or made a purchase the only information we store about you is cookies in order to give you the best experience when it comes to preferred language, to keep an ongoing cart and so on. Read more about how we use cookies.

If you comment on any on our blogposts you will do so through a third party service called Disqus. You can comment anonymously or as a logged in Disqus member. If you comment as a Disqus member they will be the controller of the data but we are both responsible for it being handled properly. Read more about their privacy policy here.

If you make an order from our webshop we store the following necessary information about you to deliver your products and to get in contact with you:

First name, last name, Company/Organization, E-mail, Address, Postal number, State, country, phone number and pattern data (motif, text).

In addition to your physical contact information our e-commerce system (Textalk Webshop) also stores your IP-address.

Our connected payment services store additional data when a customer make a purchase. We currently offer "Klarna Checkout" and "PayPal" as our payment services and they, as well as we are, are GDPR compliant.

Read PayPals privacy policy.
Read Klarnas privacy policy.

Your data within our company
Only relevant personel will get access to your personal data (for delivery of your order etc.)

Your rights

As a customer, you can at any time, demand to get a copy of, an edit or deletion of the data we store about you. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervising authority.

Contact us at info@folklorecompany with an questions or requests regarding this.

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