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The Folklore Company strives sustainability in all areas, and we want to contribute to a minimal environmental impact, social responsibility and long-term profitability.

We work for this by:

  • Whenever possible, we use recyclable and environmentally friendly materials in our work:

    • The outer package that your order is delivered in, is made of corrugated cardboard and is recycled as paper. 
    • The inner package is either a paper box or a paper bag, and should be recycled as paper.
    • The fabric for your machine embroidered embroidery piece is of organic cotton fabric, produced according to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) specifications. (Read more at
    • Whenever possible, be able to offer environmentally friendly alternatives in our selection of haberdashery and yarn.

  • Minimize our consumption of paper. Our long term goal is to send only the most necessary in our package to you. Your delivery today contains your embroidery, haberdashery, product sheets and embroidery instructions. However, we strive to send only the material you have ordered - and provide any other information to you digitally via email and our website.

  • Minimize our transports through joint deliveries.

  • Collaborate with conscious suppliers, who work actively with environmental, quality and social responsibility.

In the handicraft industry much is left to develop in terms of environmental, quality and social responsibility. We have for example searched for a supplier of organic Aida cloth, but so far without success. We are constantly keeping an eye out for environmental friendly haberdashery, and our long term goal is to offer our customers a completely environmentally friendly range.