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What you need to get started with cross stitch embroidery

Are you a cross-stitch beginner and keen on getting started with a project? It’s fairly easy and you don’t need much to get going. All you need to get started is:

Most people prefer to use an embroidery hoop when stitching. An embroidery hoop helps to keep your fabric stretched and neat. It can also be used as a frame if it has the same shape and is big enough for your pattern.

Extra tools for embroidery

  • Embroidery hoop (A smaller size can be easier to handle but a larger one can also act as a frame when the embroidery is done)
  • Needle magnet (To keep track of your needle)
  • Needle threader (for easier needle-threading)

When you buy an embroidery kit from us you’ll get Aida cloth, needle, embroidery floss, pattern and easy instructions. Embroidery hoops can be purchased as an add-on in various sizes.