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How to get started with embroidery - Prepare the fabric (Aida cloth)

Before you’ll get started with your first stitches you will have to prepare your cloth. This is done in order to simplify the onward process of your project.

INFO: Aida cloth is the most commonly used fabric when embroidering. The cloth can come in different sizes and with different cross density. We usually use a cloth with either a 4.4 cross density or 5.4 cross density. In short, the number stands for the amount of crosses that fits into one centimeter. A 4.4 cross density is the same as a “11 count Aida.

TIP: Iron your Aida cloth before you get started. By doing so you’ll remove any creases on the fabric.

Last thing you’ll need to prepare is where exactly on the cloth you first start stitching. This you can do by folding the cloth in half, both in width and height, to find the center of the fabric. Unfold, read your pattern and start by doing the crosses closest to the center fabric and work your way out.

PRO TIP: Bast squares of 10 by 10 crosses on your cloth. The grid will help you keep count as you stitch.