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How to handle the embroidery floss and needle

All our embroidery kits contain a 6 threaded DMC Mouline embroidery floss. That means the embroidery floss consists of 6 smaller strands that are twisted into one thicker thread. In almost every occasion it is recommended to separate the strands and use only a couple of them when stitching.

We recommend that you start off by cutting a 50-60cm (~20 inches) piece of the floss. Longer pieces easily get tangled up.

PRO TIP: Pull the floss out from the skein from the end with the broader piece of plastic around it. It makes the skein neater and the floss has a better flow out of the skein that way.

Most patterns come with a recommended number of strands to use.

INFO: Usually 2 strands is enough for Aida cloth with a cross count of 4.4 or 5.4 (11 count / 14 count). Aida cloth with a lower cross count (3.2 or 2.45) are better suited for 3 sub threads and Aida cloth with a higher cross count (7) can work best with only 1 thread. It all depends on what thickness you want. However - please keep in mind that we can’t guarantee that you'll have enough floss if you don’t follow the recommended amount.

To separate the strands you need to twist up the floss. The best way to do this is to first separate the strands at one end and then gently use your finger as a separator to drag it down towards the end of the piece of floss. Be careful at the end because the strands have a tendency to twist together again.

PRO TIP - With “The Loop Technique”: If your embroidery is suitable to stitch with an even amount of strands (2 or 4) you can instead cut a longer piece of the floss initially and then only use on strand (instead of 2, or 2 strands instead of 4) that you fold in the middle. Thread the needle with the ends of the folded strand. When you do this you’ll end up with a loop at the bottom of the thread and when you make your first stitch up and down in the fabric you can attach the thread by threading the needle through the loop on the back.

Without The Loop Technique: When you have the right amount of strands you can thread the needle. When it’s time to make your first stitch (for each new piece of thread) it's practical to first make a little stitch on the front of the fabric about 2-3 cm from where your first cross will be. Then when pulling the thread through to the other side, make sure you leave “a little tail” about 3-5 cm of the thread in the front of the fabric. When you’re ready to secure the thread just pull it all through to the back and fasten it like usual.