Underbara Clara + The Folklore Company = True

Underbara Clara runs one of Swedens most loved blogs where she writes about sustainability, motherhood, style and craft projects. As one of our recurring "Folklore muses" Underbara Claras cross stitch designs has become widely popular.

Embroidered kitchen towel

What a wonderful way to upcycle an old kitchen towel! Clara made this design in the Design Editor and ordered it as a "Embroider on anything"-kit! Eazy breezy to stitch your darling cross stitch on whatever you want.

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"Det anstår mig icke att göra mig mindre än jag är"

A beautiful, Swedish quote by Edith Södergran. Clara chose to get this as a ready made piece (no longer available).

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"Handicraft is something I want to spend more time doing. I think it's developing for the creativity in general to try new ways to express yourself."

- Underbara Clara

"Den som sover syndar icke"

[The one who sleeps doesn't sin] - Well, except for embroidery, sleeping is definitely in the top favorite activities! Follow Claras lead and order this as an embroidery kit!

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Upcycled bed sheet

A lovely upcycle project where Underbara Clara used an old bed sheet and embroidered her son's name on!

Did you know that you can order an embroidery kit from our Design editor called "Embroider on anything"? It's a kit where you get water soluble canvas, a template for embroidering cross stitches on fabric that isn't normally suitable for cross stich. When you're done you just let it soak in water and the canvas disappears! Magic!

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