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Why sign up to The Folklore Studio?

Curious about what's up with The Folklore Studio? Well, we wanted to create the opportunity for our visitors and customers to gather their creative projects, get easy access to previous purchases, communicate with others and get something in return for being a supporter of our brand!

1. Earn points to exchange for gift cards

You can earn points by doing various activities in the shop. Get points for sharing patterns with others, by interacting in the gallery, making a purchase or even contributing to selling a design! The point is (pun intended) that we want to give back while encourage you to get the most of our website! The points can later be exchanged for a gift card in our shop for you to use for your next embroidery project. See the table below for a detailed breakdown of the points.

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Points from purchases

For every purchase you make with the same email as your Studio account you will earn points (based on the amount exkl. VAT)

Description Points
Order amounts under 600 SEK 1% of the order amount
Order amounts over 600 SEK 3% of the order amount

Points from sales

When someone buys a pattern you have created on one of our tools

Description Points
From the Pattern Creator PRO 70% of the pattern price Points
From the Design Editor 5% of the pattern price Points

Engagement on the site

The more active you are - the more points you earn

Description Points Max times/day
Login 1 Points1
Share gallery pattern (via gallery pattern share button) on Facebook - Get points per visit 0-20 Points/dayUnlimited shares times a day
Create and save pattern in the Design editor 1 Points1 times a day
Create and save pattern in the Pattern Creator PRO 1 Points1 times a day

2. Keep track of your orders

All your previous and future orders will be stored safe and sound inside the Studio

3. Organize and save your design drafts

Sometimes you've got a bunch of ideas at once, with a Studio account you can save your designs and get back to them later

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4. Publish and share your designs in the Gallery

Enjoy the spotlight of your designs being published in our public gallery

5. Gain access to the Pattern creator PRO

Don't miss out on our PRO-tool where you can draw your designs by yourself, if you've got that creative side of you

6. Sell your patterns and get real money

The designs that you create and publish to the Gallery can all be purchased by someone else, and you can get a kickback!

7. SOON: Be a part of our community

Mingle with likeminded, give and get creative feedback, create sewing circles and gain friends for life...

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